Which Windows Driver should be used with the Merlin05 Card?

Merlin05 — Administrator @ 8:52 pm

The Merlin05 card under Windows should be used with driver release 32.

How do I change registry settings for the Merlin05?

Merlin05 — Administrator @ 5:28 am

Our latest BRec version increases the frame buffer to 128MB. You will need to change the registry setting from 0×40 to 0×80. The registry entry change is shown below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



(Note this example is for a 2 board system.  One board systems will only have a Board0 entry)

What version of firmware do you recommend for the Merlin 05?

Merlin05,Uncategorized — Administrator @ 6:48 pm

The Merlin05 uses firmware specific to the board.  There are two fpga chips on the Merlin05 board named f1 and f2.  The fpga code in the f1 chip is initialized when power is applied to the board and the code is loaded into the board using the merlin.exe program.  The filename for the current release of the f1 code is merlin05f1.hex.91.hex and the current modified date for that file is 4/2/2007.

The f2 chip is loaded with the microcode and the microcode is initialized under application control.    In the BRec application, this is done during program initialization; the blue progress bar incrementing across the bottom of the splash screen tracks the firmware load process.  The current f2 firmware for the the Merlin05 is in a file named Merlin05f2.hex.91 and its modified date is 2/8/2010.

Does the Merlin05 pass the incoming video and audio output signals to the SDI outputs on the board?

Merlin05,Uncategorized — Administrator @ 6:45 pm

The video signal that is coming into a Merlin05 board is routed to the SDI outputs of the board.  The incoming signal that is used (Composite, S-Video, etc.) is determined by the register settings on the board, which determine which of the video inputs is active.  Audio signals  are controlled by the audio routing function, which allows the audio from any source to be routed to any output channel.  The BRec audio router serves as a good example of an application implementation of the Merlin05 board’s audio routing functionality (menu item Audio/Audio Router).

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