Which Windows Driver should be used with the Merlin05 Card?

Merlin05 — Administrator @ 8:52 pm

The Merlin05 card under Windows should be used with driver release 32.

How do I upgrade a MerlinIP board to Windows driver release 34 and firmware 0402 from a driver release 33?

MerlinIP — Administrator @ 8:04 pm

To upgrade a MerlinIP board to driver release 34 and firmware release 0402, begin by running the card in a system using the version 33 driver.

Then, upgrade the firmware using the utilities and instructions found in the Dropbox


This folder contains the latest firmware releases for MerlinIP products, along with the load utility and instructions.  The MerlinIP card can store up to 4 different versions of firmware; be certain that the correct load quadrant is active before power cycling the system.

When the firmware update is complete, do not shut down the system.  Use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall and remove the old driver from the system.  Be sure to remove the driver completely off the hard drive when prompted.

At this point, power cycle the machine

Windows should detect the card and prompt for a driver.  Follow the prompts “Browse my Computer for Driver Software” and “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.   On the “select the device driver you want to install for this hardware” prompt, select “Have Disk” and select the release 34 driver.    Reboot after the driver is installed.

How do I connect reference video into the MerlinIPB card?

BRec,MerlinIP — Administrator @ 10:15 pm

The MerlinIPB card can be used with a full-height and half-height bracket.  When using the full-height bracket, there is an option for adding a bnc connector which will accept an analog genlock signal – blackburst or tri-level.    When using the half-height bracket, there is no room for the bnc connector and the first input can be used for a digital genlock.

In the BRec and Mplay applications, sync parameters and status are available via the genlock screen.  In BRec, this screen is found under the Video menu option; in MPlay it is listed under the Config option.

What Version of Quicktime is Recommended for BRec and Mplay?

BRec,MPlay,Uncategorized — Administrator @ 8:11 pm

As of this posting date, the current version of Quicktime available is 7.7.1 and is supported for both BRec and MplayHD. RC255  There is a copy of the the installer in the Skymicro_Releases Dropbox folder.

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