How do I know if the firmware on my MerlinIP board is compatible with the latest application releases?

MerlinIP — Administrator @ 5:24 pm

The applications provided by Skymicro will check the version level of the firmware when the program is run.  If the release level of the firmware is not compatible with the software release, the application will post a message informing you which version is required.

You can also check the firmware, driver and application revision levels in BRec by clicking on the BRec icon and selecting “About BRec”.

How can I get the latest version of application software for the MerlinIP boards?

MPlayHD,MerlinIP — Administrator @ 5:09 pm

Skymicro maintains a shared Dropbox folder with the latest application software, along with an archive of older releases.  If you do not have access to the Skymicro shared Dropbox folder, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you access.

The shared Dropbox folder  is called Skymicro_Releases.  The latest application software and firmware for the MerlinIP board is under the Latest_Merlin subfolder:


This folder contains a complete Merlin application folder  as normally found on a running system.   The files found here are the latest Release Candidates.  The entire folder may be copied to a target disk, or the applications can be run directly from this folder.


This folder contains the latest firmware releases for MerlinIP products, along with the load utility and instructions.

Other Folders in Skymicro_Releases contain older program versions, documentation and related software.

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