How do I change registry settings for the Merlin05?

Merlin05 — Administrator @ 5:28 am

Our latest BRec version increases the frame buffer to 128MB. You will need to change the registry setting from 0×40 to 0×80. The registry entry change is shown below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



(Note this example is for a 2 board system.  One board systems will only have a Board0 entry)

Does the MerlinIP card support DirectShow capture?

MerlinIP,SDK — Administrator @ 11:10 pm

DirectShow filters are available on our Merlin05 card, however DirectShow support for the MerlinIP  card is not currently available.  Please contact us regarding your specific needs in this area.

What Drivers are available for the MerlinIP card?

MerlinIP,SDK — Administrator @ 11:08 pm

Skymicro has drivers for the MerlinIP and MerlinIPB cards that will run on the following platforms:

Windows7-64 bit

Windows XP

Linux (32 & 64 bit) including Red Hat & Ubuntu



Can the MerlinIP board support 4:4:4 24p input and output?

MerlinIP — Administrator @ 11:03 pm

4:4:4 1080p resolution at 24fps is supported by the MerlinIP and MerlinIPB cards.  Up to 4-in/4-out may be used with the Merlin-IP card and panel and 2-in/2-out is supported on the MerlinIPB.

Can the MerlinIP Board support 1080p60 resolution?

MerlinIP — Administrator @ 11:01 pm

The MerlinIP board with panel can support up to 4-in/4-out 1080p60 HD/SDI video signals.  2-in/2-out 1080p60 may is supported on the MerlinIP-B card.

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