What are the minimum PC host requirements for the MerlinIP?

MerlinIP — Administrator @ 3:21 pm

The recommended configuration for the MerlinIP is an Intel I7 or I5 class CPU with a 4 or 8 lane PCIe slot available.  Preferably, this slot would be in addition to one used to house a host graphics adapter.  Memory should be a minimum of 4GB.  If Ramdisk or other application capabilities are required, memory configuration should be done accordingly.

Each MerlinIP board installed in the system will require 512MB of contiguous memory to load the driver.   Systems that do not have enough memory may exhibit stability problems or inability to load the MerlinIP drivers.

Disk capacity and I/O bandwidth should be sized to the target application.   MerlinIP boards can generate significantly variable data rates depending on the application and compression being used.  The I/O range is generally between 4Mb/sec to over 400Mb/sec.  Ramdisk support is available on some applications and can be required for certain data rates and compressoin algorithms.

If a Windows system is deployed, it is strongly recommended that Windows7 64-bit be used as the operating system.

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