What are the pin connections of the RJ45 jack on the expansion panel lite for the MerlinIP for LTC control?

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How do I install a MerlinIP card with BRec and MPlay on a Windows7-based machine?

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To install a MerlinIP card with BRec and MPlay on a Windows7-based machine, first have the following folders available from the Skymicro_Releases dropbox folder:

\win7 driver



The MerlinIP card should have firmware release 04-02 loaded into the active quadrant.  Instructions for installing the win7 driver and instructions for running the application software can be found in the Skymicro_Manuals folder, in a document named “Skymicro MerlinIP Software Installation Guide.pdf”.

What are the pin connections of the RJ45 jack on the expansion panel lite for the MerlinIP for LTC control?

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The pinouts are below.  Some pictures as well.



Pin 1 = Shield ground

Pin 2 = Positive balanced signal

Pin 3 = Negative balanced signal

Mnemonic: XLR = Shield,Live,Return

Looking into the female connector with the locking tag up top

right is #1, top left #2, bottom #3

___ ____

/      v      \

| 2         1 |

\      3      /




Looking into the RJ45 cable end with the locking latch down

pin 3 = Shield ground

pin 4 = Positive balanced signal

Pin 5 = Negative balanced signal


|  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8 |

|                                      |

|                                      |

————–|     |————–

,          ,–|_|–

In BRec, I am getting an error which says “Access to .\log\BRec …was denied”. What is the problem?

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BRec writes an operations log every time it runs.  In order to write the log, the BRec image must have read/write access to the folder BRec is run from.  Usually, running BRec in administrator mode will clear the error message.   If using a shortcut, this option is found in the properties of the shortcut.

Can the MerlinIP and MerlinIPB boards support 2K and 4K resolutions?

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MerlinIP boards can support 2K and 4K simultaneous input/output via the attached expansion panel.  The 2K and 4K model panel has 3G HD-SDI inputs and outputs.  The MerlinIPB board can support 2K Input/Output via optional firmware.

Using the optional Intopix JPEG-2000 codec firmware, 2K and 4K files may be encoded or decoded on the board at a variety of frame rates.

Where can I view tutorial video on the BRec Application

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BRec Tutorial video may be found here:


Where can I access MPlay tutorial videos?

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On YouTube, MPlay tutorial videos may be found at the following locations:

MPlay Feature Overview


MPlay Clip Mode overview


How do I perform offline muxing and create proxy files in BRec using a MerlinIP card?

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The files in this folder, along with the ffmpeg software, will allow offline muxing of BRec created files and subsequent transcoding of the muxed file using ffmpeg.

This capability is invoked in BRec by putting a command string in the BRec post-processing command utility, which is found at the bottom of the proxy/title window under the config menu.  Other changes in the config menu which should be made to use these command files are:

Disable Muxing
Unique Temp Names


Configuration Notes:

To use the files as is with the current folder references, the following folders should be set up on the C: drive:

C:\ffmpeg  (Available on Skymicro Dropbox)

C:\ffmpeg_scripts  (Available on Skymicro Dropbox)

C:\Dropbox (Put the Skymicro_Releases folder from Dropbox under this tree or set Dropbox to sync to C:\)

C:\usr (Available on Skymicro Dropbox – this folder is not required for basic ffmpeg functionality, but necessary to use the ffmpeg provided preset configurations.)


Quickstart Instructions

1. Make BRec configuration changes as described above.

2. Copy folders to C:\ as described above, resulting in:


3. Enable post processing by checking the option box on the BRec config menu Proxy/Title Settings.

4. Paste the contents of


into the command line window for post processing in BRec.

4. Run an encode job to test.  A command window will appear with the procedure running.  Note that there are pause statements in the command files that will need response, but can be removed for deployment.


Call Sequence Summary



Job Flow:

The offline muxer and ffmpeg transcoder command files use a sequence of called programs to simplify maintenance of the batch files.  The calling sequence is:

1. C:\Dropbox\Skymicro_Releases\BRec_Post_Processing\CRecmuxHD_ffmpeg_text_for_brec.txt

- this file contains a command string that should be pasted into the BRec command string entry window on the config menu.  This file contains the following command:

C:\Dropbox\Skymicro_Releases_BRec_Post_Processing\Call_CRecmuxHD_ffmpeg %d%p~%f %d%p%f%e %d%p%f.mp4

See BRec_Post_Processing_Readme.txt for documentation of the above parameter values.

2.  C:\Dropbox\Skymicro_Releases_BRec_Post_Processing\Call_CRecmuxHD_ffmpeg.bat

-This file directly calls the offline muxer program and then calls a command file which in turn calls the ffmpeg program.  ffmpeg is called in this fashion so that the transcode parameters can be modified and tested by editing the called command file using standard %1 %2 filename parameters and tested in a command window.

Call_CRecmuxHD_ffmpeg.bat contains the following contents:

C:\Dropbox\Skymicro_Releases\Brec_Post_Processing_\sleep 2
C:\Dropbox\Skymicro_Releases\Latest_Merlin\Merlin_Distribution\Merlin\CRecMUXHD %1 %2
C:\ffmpeg_scripts\call_ffmpeg_H264_HD.bat %2 %3

The sleep statement is needed to give time to BRec so the program can release the file locks it has on the intermediate files.  The pause statements are for testing and can be removed or commented out as desired.  The program sleep.exe is provided.

3. C:\ffmpeg_scripts\call_ffmpeg_H264_HD.bat

-This program has only one executable statement, which simply calls ffmpeg:

c:\ffmpeg_scripts\ffmpeg-i %1 %2


-This program is the call to ffmpeg.exe. By hardcoding the “mp4″ file type value in CRecmuxHD_ffmpeg_text_for_brec.txt (file 1), the command passed to the ffmpeg transcoder will output a file in the mp4 format.

ffmpeg-i contains the following:

c:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg -i %1 %2

Which Windows Driver should be used with the Merlin05 Card?

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The Merlin05 card under Windows should be used with driver release 32.

How do I upgrade a MerlinIP board to Windows driver release 34 and firmware 0402 from a driver release 33?

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To upgrade a MerlinIP board to driver release 34 and firmware release 0402, begin by running the card in a system using the version 33 driver.

Then, upgrade the firmware using the utilities and instructions found in the Dropbox


This folder contains the latest firmware releases for MerlinIP products, along with the load utility and instructions.  The MerlinIP card can store up to 4 different versions of firmware; be certain that the correct load quadrant is active before power cycling the system.

When the firmware update is complete, do not shut down the system.  Use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall and remove the old driver from the system.  Be sure to remove the driver completely off the hard drive when prompted.

At this point, power cycle the machine

Windows should detect the card and prompt for a driver.  Follow the prompts “Browse my Computer for Driver Software” and “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.   On the “select the device driver you want to install for this hardware” prompt, select “Have Disk” and select the release 34 driver.    Reboot after the driver is installed.

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